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Hardwood Flooring Treands

Hardwood floors continue to grow in popularity across the country. Whether it’s new hardwood or refinishing existing hardwood floors, it’s all about wood. Tons of customers are ripping up their carpet and refinishing the wood floors underneath. Almost everyone seem to want hardwood. In fact, even in non-hardwood surfaces (such as tile, luxury vinyl and laminate), it’s all about imitating the wood look. And, wood is now the most popular flooring surface in kitchens.As I look at what’s trending for hardwood flooring, I would classify it as a Tale of Two Cities. What’s so interesting is that the extremes are what’s most popular right now. They are BOTH modern and contemporary, but in different ways. For example, I’m seeing the following extremes. Read More...

Is Porcelain & Ceramic Tile Right for Me?

You know that it looks great and is easy to clean, but are ceramic tile or porcelain tile right for your home or office? Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of this flooring and wall covering option.
Advantages: Easy, reliable, and design-friendly
Most porcelain and ceramic tile is hard-wearing and easy to maintain over the long term. This means that you’ll likely only be doing the job of installing it once over the course of owning your home or office. The colors don’t fade, and you’ll be pleased to know that it has hypoallergenic qualities. No need to worry about pets, spills, or wear and tear! Read More...

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