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Cut Pile:

  • A carpet with a cut pile is one of the #1 selling types of carpet.
  • A cut pile carpet is created by producing a carpet with a loop pile, and then shearing the top to create the cut look.
  • Pre-shearing cut pile several times creates a luxurious appearance.
  • Cut pile is less resistant to crushing than other types of carpet.


  • Fibers are lightly twisted and generally have a uniform color.
  • More level than a textured carpet.
  • This type of carpet is ideal for formal areas because of its luxurious appearance.
  • Plush carpets can show footprints and vacuum-cleaner marks.


  • A highly twisted cut pile carpet suited well for high traffic, informal areas.
  • Has fibers that tend to curl in different directions at the surface which help hide footprints and vacuum marks.

Cut and loop pile:

  • Combines cut and looped fibers.
  • Provides a variety of surface textures or sculptured effects for medium durability.
  • Are available in solid or multiple colors, and often available in many patterns. - The different levels in this type of carpet can hide dirt and footprints in formal and informal areas.


  • Berbers limit footprints and vacuum tracks in informal areas.
  • They can have thicker yarns than other level loop pile carpets for high durability.
  • These loops can retain dirt and may be damaged from snags.
  • Berbers come in expensive wool fibers or less expensive nylon, olefin, or nylon-olefin fibers.

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